About us

The National Medical Council on Gun Violence was established in 2013 to address the medical issues of gun violence and its prevention.  Identifying and treating patients at risk for gun violence is challenging on many medical, legal and political fronts and we are sensitive to all of them.   NMCGV is a platform for information exchange between clinicians, researchers, and other stakeholders to clarify the relevant health variables, and generate a focused, multidisciplinary approach to diminish the morbidity and mortality of gun violence in America.

We are neither an advocacy  nor a membership organization.  We are trying to create evidence-based medical tools whose development and use require collaboration between specialists in a wide variety of fields. To date we have received resources, advice and counsel from clinicians, researchers and professionals associated with more than twenty medical faculties, institutions, research groups and violence intervention programs throughout the United States.  The list of collaborators is growing quickly. but please feel free to use our Contact Us page for further information on how to contact any of our collaborators or join our ongoing efforts.




Members: Harrison Alter, Shannon Frattaroli, Judith Palfrey, Sean Palfrey.


Ruth Abaya-MD, Harrison Alter-MD, Arthur Caplan-PhD, Philip J. Cook-PhD, David Clark-JD, Jahan Fahimi-MD, Barry Feldman-PhD, Eric Fleegler-MD, Shannon Frattaroli -PhD, Liza Gold-MD, Ronald Gross-MD, David Hemenway-PhD, David Kennedy-BA, Robert McAfee-MD, Matt Miller-ScD, Judith Palfrey-MD, Sean Palfrey-MD, Edward Reiter-MD,  Elspeth Cameron Ritchie -MD, Jeffrey Sankoff-MD.

Founder – Administrator: Michael R. Weisser – PhD.