Gun Violence Morbidity and Injury – The Victims

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Of the 11,000+ gun homicide victims each year, more than 6,500 are African-American and Hispanic inner-city residents, of whom 80% are male and 80% are between 15 and 34 y/o.  This profile holds true for the victims of gun assaults.  Of females murdered with guns, at least three-quarter of these assaults took place within a domestic context.

Of the 19,000+ gun suicides each year, more than 50% involve White males over the age of 30, a majority of whom lived in smaller cities or rural locations, particularly in Western states.  Of the 39,000+ suicides each year, half involve using guns except in the age group above 65, where gun use climbs to more than 80%.
(Source: CDC – WISQARS.)