Gun Violence Morbidity and Injury – The Costs

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In a study of nearly 50,000 injured children admitted to EMS agencies between 2006 and 2008, patients who suffered gunshots had the highest proportion of serious injuries, major surgeries, in-hospital mortality and costs. The disproportionate mortality outcome was more pronounced among adolescent males.

Average costs for gun injuries was almost twice as high as the next highest ($28,510 for gun injuries; $15,556 for being struck by a vehicle, and nearly three times higher than the most common injury mechanism (motor vehicle occupant.)

The study did not include costs of post-discharge therapies – physical and mental – that are also significantly higher in cases of gun injuries.

(Source: Craig D. Newgard,, “Gunshot Injuries in Children Served by Emergency Services,” PEDIATRICS, Vol. 132, #5 (November, 2013), 863-69.